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About 2LIVE


Although we are a young team, we can say that we have already had a few years to design this project. Our mission is to provide our residents with the necessary conditions to experience a true and enriching co-living experience, where a sense of community and sharing motivate our existence and expansion.



We believe that it is essential to encourage face-to-face contact as a complement to the virtual one, devising spaces that encourage it. From our dining, study and living rooms to our private outdoor spaces, everything is created with the comfort and proximity of our residents in mind. We provide activities of different natures, leading to the creation of happy moments and memories.


We are committed to collaborating with all our residents in order to become an integral part of the 2LIVE family from the very beginning. Facilitating this process, we have a reception service and an APP that allows individual and personalized support to anyone who wants it, as well as an additional means of virtual interaction between the entire 2LIVE family.


It is what moves us every day, with the aim of personalizing all the services that exist in our facilities. We offer our residents fully equipped spaces with all amenities and technology, associated with a modern and timeless aesthetic.

What we Offer

We offer the possibility, through a monthly fee, to enjoy less worries and live more in the present. We have fully furnished single rooms, with expenses included, common areas suitable for different activities, high-speed internet, 24/7 security and private outdoor spaces.